Oh crikey. Quoth. People appear to be looking for it, so I’ve put this page together so the links are working again. Okay, Quoth is (was?) a random sig generator for Windows written in VB6 as an exercise.

Exercise in what, I was never quite sure. Futility, probably. Anyway, I stopped developing it when I stopped a) using it and b) using VB for anything It’s a mesh of code I wrote when I was sixteen, so don’t expect miracles. When it ceased to be, I released the code under the GPL, then forgot about it. Now I appear to be getting searches looking for it, so this page exists.

Then, of course, we have the quote files that came with it, including the one that has 250,000 tag lines and scares all right thinking people. So, the downloads:

The Program:

Quoth 1.1.1
The final release. Changelog is at the very end of this document
Quoth 1.1.1 Source Code
Requires VB6. Released under the GPL. Beware of the tiger.
The readme and changelog

The Quotes

(Harvested from all over the net, none belong to me)

Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words #1: “The Dragon Lance Saga stinks!”
Famous Last Words #2: “So I slept with the waiter so what?”
Famous Last Words #3: “Perfectly safe.”
Famous Last Words #4: “I only had a couple beers.”
Famous Last Words #5: “I found the traaaaaaaaap….”
Famous Last Words #6: “I shall assume full responsibility for losing them.
Wise man say, he who download Confucius quotes have good fortune.
Good Quotes
I went though about a third of the BigQuotes file below before I gave up. These are the results.
Movie Quotes
In all the excitement, I can’t remember if I uploaded 65 lines of these or 75. Do you feel lucky, punk?.
The Raven
The wonderful poem by Edgar Allan Poe from which Quoth takes it’s name.
Wintag quotes
The inspiration for Quoth was a program I used to use called “WinTag”, since I can no longer find any trace of it, this is the quote file it used
Tech quotes
To geek, or not to geek. That is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the panics and oopses of outragous kernel patch levels…
Words Of Wisdom
That’s “Words of the Wise” rather than of Norman