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Aquarionics Archives are back online. Bet none of you missed them 🙂

The archive page used to be the only place where older entries could be got at, but since January that hasn’t been true, and search engines were linking to both the front page and archive pages, which was suboptimal. So I’ve rewritten the archive page to use the calendar function I originally wrote for NSD. Go Go Gadget Code-Reuse.

It also means the “Aquarion’s Calendar” stuff is coming back, since I am now able to write it in a way that doesn’t use 31 seperate SQL Accesses(!!!!) per month. Isn’t expertise-level improvement wonderful?. The new commenting system is now worked out, but is going to have implimentation issues, mainly that there are now six hundred messages attached to five types of database object (Gosh, number of comments will soon overtake number of entries, which is cool, since comments have only been running since the 21st December), so until I can work out how I can work out which comment belongs to which original entry, and then put that into the right field, the sooner I write Aq2TreeOComments 2.0…

Oh, the code for the new comments system is in /src/, (Automatically, since all /src/ is is a list of symlinks to the code Aquarionics actually uses)

And I was accused of being from the netherlands last night by St-lemer, which was Odd

In less interesting news, I managed to sleep from midnight until 14:30 today, which is odd and frankly scary. Regular sleep patten time, methinks…

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