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A followup to a couple of microblogs I posted a little while ago. The Internet Debarcle (WYWOS: Janis Ian posted two articles about now Napsterlikes weren’t really so bad, and were A Good Thing. Janis being a music artist herself, her article got a little more publicity than mine. She has also posted a second article, with some helpful suggestions) was a direct result of the American entertainment industry’s proposal that they should be allowed to hack into any computer they belived was holding copyrighted material. The strength of this was rapidly pounced upon, not least by the big copyright holders who wanted to make sure it was only *us* who could do it…

The results of it? Well, my private network contains copyrighted material, much of it ripped from CD, more bought legally from Game and Electronics Boutique, and how they tell the difference until afterwards has yet to be explained. Then you get into the legal bits, like movie execs not being allowed to leave the country, because (Unless .gov.uk/.gov.eu follow .gov)

In other news, I’ve lifted something from Eric’s book so that the acronym tag in HTML is actually useful, as you may have noticed. Now all I have to do is to remember to put tags around things like HTML, WWW and Ěpistǔla.

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