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Sam has discovered (decided?) she’s multiple. Yay her. Meanwhile, back in the real world…

I’m sorry, that’s unfair, probably. Since I’ve never met – physically – Sam, any judgement I cast down about why she has taken this path is likely to be inaccurate, and unfair, and probably just plain wrong. Actually, you can forget most of that sentence too, since I don’t actually care whether I’ve actually met someone, and I’m reasonably sure I knew Sam.

Note the cunning use of past tense in the above, a sign that I’m no longer sure of what I know. I’ve been though the Multiple-Me thing, I came out the other side, and I’m reasonably convinced that Sam is Sam. Sam is not Geeksam split with Teenagesam split with Bouncysam split with chocolatestrawberryandvanillasam, and I’m sure that she is splitting off different parts of her personality, putting them in nice neat pigeonholes she knows what to do with, and hoping that will make living with them easier. Since I have done this, and lost a great deal whilst doing it, I’m just hoping it doesn’t cause her the pain it did to me. Pigeonholing different parts of who you are is bad, and whilst I – as a friend – will support her if she needs my support, in this I cannot belive she is doing the right thing. Nevertheless, it’s her existence, and maybe I’m just wrong and it will work for her where it failed for me several times.

On top of this we have an entertaining days news. The IRA have apologised for Bloody Friday. Oh golly, and oh rapture also. It is, as the newspapers are saying, a very big step in the right direction, the official acceptance of blame is a really important step to stop bad things happening, but the people who have been apologised – the families of those who died – are reading it with a hollow laugh. No, it isn’t going to bring them back, but it *might* stop more people following. Cold comfort maybe, but comfort of a sort.

Aha, and there we go back to accepting the blame. In case you’ve missed this, US Peacekeepers are exempt from being prosecuted by the ICC for one year, because they (The US) threatened to stop helping the UN Peacekeeping initiative altogether if Americans could be arrested. Words cannot express how much this annoys me, not only that the UN was forced to capitulate to this bullying, but also that the rest of the world *put together* were unable to stop it doing so. Then you have the decision itself, because it basically means that US Solders won’t have to face up to anything they do save for their own internal systems. This is not right.

And finally, neatly linking the above, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (the company formed to decide what to do about the site where the WTC once stood), and most of them look nice. The concepts are online at the LMDC’s site, but some of the people who lost family and friends in the attack want the entire site (A sizable chunk of some of the most valuable land in the world) to be a shine to the attacks, instead of just part of it. I suspect they will be ignored, but should they be?

And finally, at the end of this epic entry, a little on me. I’m applying for jobs, rebuilding CVs, and trying to keep from flying apart and snapping at people. There are large parts of my life I hate with a vengeance right now, mainly the total and utter lack of response from any jobs I apply for, partly my reliance on other people to continue to live here. But I’m writing things, and drawing things, and coding things, and stuff may return. But will it return before I get a job?

Anything could happen.

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