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So I bought Neverwinter Nights.

Or, more precisely, ccooke bought Neverwinter Nights, and I promised to pay him back. So here I sit, working around the bugs in the toolset, creating goblin mines as a test of my leet Dungeon Master Skillz. It hates my graphics card with a vengence, decent multiplayer will require us getting ADSL (soon, my faithful server, soon) and the stupid thing has just corrupted several hours work without so much as a recovery file. Minus three points for backup solutions, plus one for the Neverwinter forums solving the problem for me in a couple of minutes.

On the subject of employment… well. I wandered around recruitment companies yesterday, all of which said “Go read the website”, so it’s back to square one, with an updated CV and a huge list of URIs to check daily.


We have…

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