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*ahem* parents worrying about lack of diary entries is probably a clue to start writing again. The last week has been… complex. On the plus side, we now have free net connection, gas, water, heating, net(and not)working, games playing, food, and generally Stuff.

The mini-dinner-housewarming thing we had on Tuesday was a sucess, despite various communications breakdowns.

As previously predicted, money is slightly tight, and certian things that I’m sure we will look back on in six months and laugh at are happening to make life stressful, not least that my desire not to infect anyone else with the horrible bug that I caught at the beginning of the week has stopped me doing many useful things, like wander around recruitment places. I feel that spraying snot around their near offices will not endear me to them.

In the meantime, I wax slightly lyrical about how nice the new house is, mask my disappointment as health and finance stop me going to the Notts meet, and work for tomorrow, when I have a server to rebuild. Oh, and Nikki just pointed me at a site that may soon become a time sink.

Oh, and I found that Rosemary and her SO both play The Card Game That Cannot Be Named, so that may make life interesting. Well, after they move back after the summer holidays…

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