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Ahh, it seems like only yesterday I was moving Aqcom over to Beehost, and now I’m taking down the Under Construction signs on a new server. So now the “Moving to a new server” cute graphic is consigned to the archive, the Blueprint design has been sent to a place where it can be easily got at, and the new site structure is in place.

So what’s changed? I hear you shout… Well, more functionality has come to the weblog in the form of From and To. Previously we had ID (any single entry displayed), Limit (Last x posts), Date (all posts on a single date), or Since (all posts from a certian date to now), and now we have from and to, so you can get precise date-ranges. Which is neat.

Generic templating for pages… Something that makes my life a lot easier, and makes the design consistant across the entire site, also making this front page HTML 4 strict compliant. (Okay, so the rest of the site isn’t, due in part to me using things like nested unordered lists, but the front page is, and therefore the basic design is 🙂

A place for everything… The new Misc section is giving home to all those things that are on the site but didn’t fit in the menu, and so were left out.


Aha, the last big and most fundermental change. The User Account system in Aquarionics has been refined and recreated, so that in the future I can do things that require login with little to no trouble, and there is something in place to use it, but a few other things must be coded first…

After that, it’s the little things, like the fully working support for screenshots in reviews, a slightly tightened comments system, so it actually reliably will take you back where you came from. Nothing major, but lots new. I look forward to you telling me all the bugs…

And the newest thing? The first review on the site to be written by someone who wasn’t me. So go see LoneCat’s review of Perfect Blue

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