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Wot I did on my weekend

02-4-29 15:06:

Sitting in a cafe in Bath.

It’s been a fun weekend, and it isn’t even over yet. Went down to Plymouth for an afe mini-meet, dragging LoneCat down for the ride, completely forgetting that Teut – our host – had a cat (and LC, in a major hit of irony, is allergic to cats).


Fun was had, mostly when we went out to wander around Plymouth (up around the ‘Ho’ (spelling unknown, but guessed for comic effect)) and when we (minus LC, who was in the bedroom, hiding from cats. I would have been a good Boyfriend and stayed with her, but my shirt was encathaired) played Munchkin, which was fun.

Sunday we went back to Bath, and Monday, today, while LC is in lectures I wander around the ancient and beautiful town of Bath.

After my usual pilgrimage to the bench by the river that saw most of the events in Bathtime to breakfast on Fanta I went on a more expensive pilgrimage to the local Electronics Boutique to buy a game. In keeping with my new Budget Sensitive Persona, I’ve carefully read this months PC Gamer cover to cover, finally deciding to spend my pennies on Freedom Force. When I attempted to fulfil this prophecy, I learnt of two things.

  1. Freedom Force isn’t out yet.
  2. Simon the Sorcerer 3D is.

Now, the first I had countered for, and had selected a second choice – Dungeon Siege. Simon the Sorcerer 3, however, I’ve been waiting for since 1997, when I played Simon the Sorcerer 2. It was finished Dec 2000, about 2 weeks before its publisher (Hasbro Interactive) died, since then it has remained comatose, the first I’ve heard of it since this time last year (when I e-mailed the developers and confirmed the above) was when I saw it. Confused, I bought it *and* Dungeon Siege. Then I wandered to a coffee shop to decided what to do next, had lunch in KFC, and did the standard tourist thing of the Roman Baths.

The Bath Baths were fascinating on many levels, not least watching the people’s reactions, not most the shear History of the place, but mainly the amazing things the Romans did, from the flowing water to the central heating, the mortar (2000 year old walls supporting Georgian and now also Victorian construction) to the detail on the carvings, it’s amazing what the surviving Britons failed to learn.

What *could* the Romans have done for us?

And the belief, the way they casually incorporated the local goddess of healing with their own, and built a hugely impressive temple to the new duel-deity.

I’m impressed.

No. The word I may be looking for is inspired.

So, I bought a book on Roman Mythology, and found a new coffee shop, where I’ve just spent the last hour writing this on the palm top. Tomorrow I’ll post this up.

And thus did the prophecy come to pass…

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Departures and arrivals.

I’m going to Bath to see LoneCat, and then on to Plymouth to see Teut, so I won’t be around much this weekend. As you may have noticed, there has been a slight redesign of the front page to fit in the People section, although this is now violating my personal thing of not putting anything permanant on the left-hand side. It does fit in with the general Aqcom design of having links in this section there, though.

Anyway, Second bit of news, Sarabian (He of the continually evolving and messages here) has become a father for the second time, as Baby George is born

Also on the news-of-people-who-I-know-and-post-messages-here front, Aquarius has done a complete overhaul of his site, with a node-based and commentable new structure.

Anyone pointing out the similarities between Aquarionics, Dellah, Kryogenix and Avocadia will be pointed at and laughed at.


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Lacking of getting anything done. I have emails to send, people to phone, banks to sort out, stuff to do

Bah. Must do stuff

Bad Stuff happening, some new virus is around for Outlook, which sends emails to everyone in your address book sent *from* a random address, so I’ve been getting random reports that I’m sending viri. I Haven’t sent any attachments, and if I do, I don’t send executables. Be careful out there.

I now have a scanner, I’m working on getting a new monitor (My monitor died a death while I was away), and getting back into the swing of life…

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Word of the day

So today has not exactly been optimal. I woke up late, Failed to get anything done, and I’m going to bed late. Over the two weeks I was away, my brother played Bejewelled on my PDA, so when I turned it on this morning, it didn’t, no batteries. I found new batteries, and discovered it had wiped itself clean.

Back into windows… restore backup… *sigh*

I’ve applied to be a presenter with the BBC Talent thing.
Ironically, perhaps, I have more experience doing that in the Real World than I have for computing, so maybe it’s time to give up on the new dream altogether and go back to trying to be famous.

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Buffometer for Season 6

The Buffometer is a level of how far I am into viewing episodes of Buffy and Angel (And whatever the new Watcher series becomes, or the Spike Spinoff, or whatever).

I have the first three seasons of Buffy on DVD, and the wonderful Ladylark has lent me seasons four and five on VHS, so I’m currently working though them. Then I shall be actually up to date on Buffy, and won’t have to leave channels when the discussions start…

Well, except about Season Six, of course…

Basically, shaded means I’ve seen the season, one sixth shaded means I’ve seen the first video/DVD etc.

When I’m in the process of watching a series it gets mirrored on the front page of the site, Coming soon… The Angelometer 🙂

Okay, so I’ve now finished Season Five (Many, many thanks go to Ladylark for lending me Seasons 4 and 5)… so now I’m waiting for S6 to arrive on BBC2. In the meantime, wander though the archives of The Erotic Adventures of Buffy and Evil Vampire Willow I kid you not, and send you off with a warning, It’s twisted, so if that bothers you, steer clear
Thanks to Rand & LoneCat, I now have most of S6 on CD, and am getting around to watching them, so new Buffometer 😀 (Rand gave them to LoneCat, who watched them and has now lent them to me)
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New Bits

As some of my more regular visitors will undoubtably have noticed, Aquarionics has taken on a lighter colour scheme, #4040FF instead of #000080, also the gradient on the title image has changed, and diary entries now have times on them. Soon so will the comments, but that’s a little more complicated.

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So, I’m back in the fictional town of Paddock Wood.

Where I live.


Nevermind, time to start bright-siding again. I’ll be back to reading AFP again as soon as sacrifice finishes downloading the messages, I have Something To Do, I have a Future, and an Aim. And stuff.

Oh, and my monitor’s broken, I’m too far away from lonecat, the net connection is even slower than normal, I’m still stuck in hell, and various people have forgotten I exist.


Thom and Corinne have other problems, which may well see them vanish from the radar for a bit in the near future. As much as I argue with Corinne, I still like them both, not that I’d wish their current situation on my own worst enemey.

ie, Me. But I digress.

So, for those of you who got lost in the explainations, a summery of the last two and a half weeks.


Aquarion leaves home earlyish in order to meet LoneCat in London, which – after both of us being late – we do, in a coffee-shop between Charing Cross and Embankment stations. We then wander to the National Theatre, where I buy a copy of Tartuffe – the play I went to see earlier in the month. Then we wander up to Camden Market so LoneCat can look though all the shops that sell strange goth stuff, and we can look and go “Oooh, Shiny” at things, which we do. We also have some Chinese Fast Food in the form of Stuff In Boxes, which we eat. Then, after the communication difficulties that normally arise with these things, we meet Chris outside a dead pub, and go to a more live pub in order to drink Guinness and speak of affairs. Except lonecat, who didn’t drink Guinness, but did do affairs speak. Chris is currently working on Love Like Blood, for which he has passed many of the bridges the Maskerade Movie that I’m involved with will have to cross in the future. After that discussion we (LoneCat and I) wandered down to the Elephant & Castle pub for an AFP meet.

The meet was, as meets are, fun. I aquired the remaining Buffy Episodes up to the end of S5, for which I am eternally grateful to Ladylark, a complete set of books on Windows 2000 (From Guitar Huw, at a rock bottom price) all the Transmetropolitan I haven’t already read (Thanks go to ccooke) and had lots of fun. I then took all this back to Barry’s Flat were we (Me, Lonecat and some others) crashed. Next morning we awoke, and after talk and stuff we wandered up to Angel to meet ccooke and Pol and get a lift up to pol’s house, where I spent the following week and a half with LoneCat, pol, and Supermouse (up until the following weekend). The first Monday, pol had a meet, where ccooke ccooked his famous three ginger soup, and stuff with pasta, and it was very good, and it took us the rest of the week to finish it…

Stayed there for a week and a half, at various points we wandered up to the Forest of Dean, did part of the Sculpture Trail there, had pizza, did stuff, played Chez Geek, and Stronghold, and then, eventually, LoneCat headed home and I, like a faithful boyfriend, followed. We stayed there for less than twelve hours before we started off to Cambridge to celebrate LoneCat’s birthday. We got there just in time to catch a train to where ccooke works and join him for lunch (From a Deli which sells Nice Things. This may be bad when I move) before going back to Cambridge and wandering around for a bit.

For the evening meal we went to The Dojo, a resturant in town which sells Nice Food (It’s like wagamama, only different) then back to Cookie’s flat where they (LC & CC) played Magic and I read more Transmet. Next morning cc went to work, me and LC went back into town, into Games and Puzzles, where I finally bought her birthday present, Munchkin!

Then it was back to the coach, back to Bedford, grab a lift to LoneCat’s house, and stay there for a few days watching Buffy videos and re-reading Harry Potter books. Monday evening I took a train home, and here I am. Back.

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Smiles Away

Everyone should be able to take a holiday from Real Life every so often.

Today marks the second week since I left the fictional town in favour of wandering around the country for a little while. A meet in London, crashing at Barry’s, a week and a half in Aylesbury with Pol and Supermouse, a couple of days in Cambridge with ccooke and then back to Bedford. All in the company of lonecat, who I get to see far less often than I’d like, although the last couple of weeks seems to make up for that.

Diaries are not always a good thing. Aquarionics has for the last two years (The last entry (7th April) marked the anniversary, although there was a diary here before (for about two months, the archives of which are forever lost 🙁 Two years is an awful long time, just under 10% of my lifespan, in fact) and in that time it’s survived a couple of majorly depressing bits and enough bad stuff I don’t want to be reminded off to keep me down. And that’s sort of the point, the archives provide a permenant reminder of the stuff that’s happened, both Good and Bad, but not all of it.

Some of you will be aware of my Opendiary, which ran for about a year, finally closing in Sepember last year. Some time, the entries may appear here in some heavily censored form, but I keep going though a sucession of diaries of varing levels of readership depending on who I want to tell what. That died in septemer, along with a lot of things. Now there are just two diaries. There is just here, which contains my life in abstract, my life online, and my life in shareable form. If I ever become interested in something, it goes here. As a general rule, if I don’t mind my parents reading anything, I put it here. (Recently, since at least one parental unit is reading this (Hi mum) this is quite literally true). There is another diary, encrypted as far as I can make it, offline, on a medium that cannot be gotten over the network, and secret, where all the other stuff goes. Life is complicated enough without having differerant levels of permission levels on it.

So, for example, I will tell you here that I’m doing bits of PHP work (and even getting paid for it), and that the series of events which will lead me to a place to live has been set in motion, in that I’ve finally stopped looking for a proper job

No, that doesn’t make sense, it’s not really meant to. Basically, I’ve decided that the main point should be to move to Cambridge, where I will do as much temp/freelance stuff as I can, get some experience under my belt so I have a declawed cat in hell’s chance of getting a job I’ll actually enjoy.

(Last time I did temp-work, I worked for Royal Mail without ever being told what I was supposed to be doinging, shreaded my hands picking vacuumed formed plastic shapes from the end of a production line, and failing to get paid for large chunks of it. I do have good memories of any of it)

Anyway, Next few days I’m remaining in the sunny world of Bedford before hitting the trains on Monday to the less sunny fictional town.

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So, I’m at Pol’s still, still not doing much (Well, a little work for people for which I’m being paid. It’s things to put on the CV, it’s practice, and it’s fun) not being on IRC much, not being on newsgroups at all (gosh that’ll be fun when I get back) and witnessing stuff happening without me.

So, people are pairing off again, hello Spring. This time of year usually makes me depressed (“No, Really?” – The people who have been reading this for the last few months) so it may be that that is making me see pain on the horizon for a few of them. I hope I’m wrong.

Adjusting perspectives is also interesting. I’ve always before seen it as something of an outsider, not in a major relationship and not understanding other peoples’s feelings. Now that’s changed.

And I’ve fallen off the grapevine. Where as historically I’ve been a catalyst for the AFP Dating agency, or at least someone who sees the mechanics behind the announcements, now I find out though other peoples’s diaries. I miss that too

And Finally…
The new design (New for values of over six months now) doesn’t have a link to the JavaIRC Chat Page that I’ve been hosting for the last few years. For reference, it’s at There will be a link in the main menu when I get back home. NSD is slightly deader than usual for the time being, until I get into a stage where I’m writing again it’s likely to remain that way. Sorry. It’s not fair on LoneCat to be the main writer for one of my websites 😐

And everything else? I am blissfully unaware of the world around me. I have been for a week or so now, and it’s nice. I am aware the Queen Mother has died, and my feelings for that are fairly neutral. I agree the Royal Family must change their role, either back into the running of the country or away from it completely. But while they are in mourning for a family member is not the best time to discuss this.

It looks like I’ll be in Bedford from Tuesday/Wednesdayish, and in Cambridge Wednesday evening. Beyond that, anything could happen.

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The auth system is now fixed (or at least, unbroken), the comments system no longer goes “Oh for fucks sake” on apostrophes in comments, Lonecat’s diary is back (although displaying nothing atm, due to lack of entries). The sun is shining in the sky, the birds are whistling merrily in the trees, and all is right with the world.

Well, ATM, anyway 🙂

The Great Perl Rewrite is in Planning mode (Bare in mind the Great PHP Rewrite took six months before coding), and it proves to be a little better thought out than the first version (Most of Klide’s functionality is very much “Oooh, shiny *click* *click* *code*, and it’s beginning to make adding new bits difficult (Witness the adding of a preview system and the bugs in that)

So I’m still out here, coding away. New stuff soon, promise 🙂