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Today’s entry is split into two parts. The first is on homosexuality, the second on Driving tests.

Randomosity is go.

I have several friends who are gay, and some of the favourite tales they tell are of members of the opposite sex who are convinced that the only reason gay people exist is because they haven’t met the right [girl|man] yet. Normally the person who decides this sees themselves fulfilling this role. More amusing, however, is when it’s a friend, or relative, or parent. Because then they go into a microcarpentry frenzy of matchmaking. They appear to lose the idea that it’s like Marmite, or Tuna. I don’t *like* Marmite. I would still continue to dislike Marmite if you make it with carrots and call it Vegimite. I don’t like Marmite dressed in a golden lid, and I wouldn’t like it if it secondary sexual characteristics you could see from space. And, these friends of mine tell me, trying to get God’s Gifts to realise they (the friends) don’t find them (the Gifts) attractive is only slightly more difficult than, for example, hammering a marshmallow nail into a brick.

But this is not the problem. The problem is that there are those who see this from the opposite side. Those who are sure that anyone they want to be gay actually, secretly, in their fundamental being, is. These are people who really can’t see that this is just as bad, and that matchmaking friends to try and make them gay doesn’t actually work.

Apparently, however, trying to make people something they’re not only matters if the people being pressured are a minority.

Driving then.

I’ve just got back from a one point five hour driving lesson. I have a two hour driving lesson later this afternoon, another hour one tomorrow, another hour lesson on Saturday, a pre-test-lesson at 07:40 on Monday (yawn) followed by a full, no holds barred, eighty quid, one-black-mark-and-you’re-dead, proper driving test an hour later. I’ve passed my Theory, and the practical is on Monday.

I’ve resigned myself to failing it.

In other news, the replacement system for Klind is now both underway and almost completed, thanks to a couple of almost-all-day coding sessions. All previous content is now in, admin functions are in (I can add and edit everything), now I just have to write the viewing functions…

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