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Nothing scares me quite as much as the amount of people wo read this 🙂

Okay, an update, *deep breath*

I’ve done nothing

Well, Not /strictly/ true. I’ve almost finished the Story Archive site known as Project Albatross, (Just the rating system and the user editing system to go, fact fans) and I’ve spent most of the day in converence with people (Well, person) over how to set out a CV. My CV is currently 4 pages, which isn’t good, so it looks like some creative formatting will be required to get it down to the maximum 3 that I was always taught. Although, because I’m using LaTeX it’s 4 pages that look *really* cool when printed 🙂

The other problem is this ‘ere site. The best showcase for my abilities as a web-dev is the HTML/CSS/RSS/XML/PHP/SQL and everything that goes to make up the Wonderful World of Aqcom. But I can’t use it on a CV because it’s very much a personal site. I can see the point looming in the future where I will have to censor my diary, which I don’t want to do.

I’m kind of relying on any company which is bright enough to Google for my name to also be bright enough not to judge me by the archives of this diary.

Either way, I’m working on TerraI, the story archiving site, partly as a place to fill the void of the internet for free story hosting ( notwithstanding) and also as somewhere I can actually point future employers to as an “I made this!!” thing.

Anyway, back to the text editor

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And the return


Shortly (as in, 15 minutes) after the last entry, I left for the sunny environs of Cambridge, where I was late. The fact that I was half a hour late for my own Birthday party should not in any way be seen as anything to do with my general organisational skills, although the fact I manageed to pick the only day when the pub I selected had a live band on could be.

I’m currently sesting my touchtyping skills by typing this while watching lonecat sleep in the bed just a few short metres from wher I’m sittin, which is far more interesting than watching the diary 🙂

Anyway, we got to the pub, we played Jenga (Geek Style, photos soon), drank, ate chocolate, got a present (lonecat tied up in a bow, which was cute 🙂 ana card, ana drink, an hugs, anstuff.

I’ll link to the meet report when it arrives, basically we went from pub to pub to resturant to crash-space to fudge-shop to resturant to pub, then crashed with Ccooke, who wanted to discuss some stuff about a website with us. Crashed, spent day in Cambs, went home. Here I am :-). Amusing anecdotes at some point in the future.

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One Score and One More

Once a year we celebrate,
With stupid hats and plastic plates,
The fact that you were able to make
Another trip around the sun.
And the whole clan gathers

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sometimes i really like your weblog and sometimes i don’t. you’re kind of like, “boo hoo. girls.” but then again, you have a messy haircut. and then, sometimes, you’re all, “i like soul coughing. wee!” and then you’ll go on to say things like “heart” and “salsa” and “talking”.
(from Evhead)

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Running out of acronyms

Aquarionics now has an RSS feed. This is the standard that My.netscape, Slashdot, and various other places use for the headline-boxes you find on their sites. This is the first step in making a portal like the Linux Portacabin within the Kewl linking system. It also means that Klide (Aquarionics’ diary system) now does pretty much everything I originally wanted it to. It’s HTML/4.0, CSS/2, P3P, and WAI-AA compliant, The RSS feed now works, it supports multiple projects, previews and allows editing of posts. The only thing it /doesn’t/ do is spell-check. There are things I took out of the spec for Klide which I would now put in – stuff like being able to email in entries – which isn’t actually possible due to the way the mail on this server is done. If (when?) Aquarionics is hosted from my own flat, then it’ll run on a box that I can kludge this into, which would be cool.

In other news, I had a wonderful weekend, where I saw lonecat, Witnessed two people for home I am very happy being very happy in turn, and enjoyed dancing in a pub. It was dark, and I was wearing sunglasses.

Why? Aha, therein lies a story

The day being Friday, at 9:20 me and my brother left so he could give me a lift to the doctor’s for a Hepatitis C jab (Recently a place near me had an outbreak, so the county council is in “Quick! Stab people!” mode) after which I went home, procrastinated for a bit, and left for Pol’s house, where I was to stop over on the way to Sunny Bath, wherein my love lies.

Train, Tube, Baker Street, New headphones, New tube, Wait, Pol, Supermouse, hugs, Cheese, Bread, Supermarket, More Cheese, Back, Maria, Peter, Bejeweled, Palmtops, Hershey’s (Yuck), Sleep, Breakfast, Road, Roundabout, Road, Lather, Rince, Repeat, Bath, One way system, One way system, Map, One way system, guest house, telephone, lonecat, vom, more vom, walk, cheese shop, *nice* coffee-shop, nice tea, pub, noise, party, sigh, upstairs, music, dance, cheese, chocolate, beer, photos, Boh-rap, mosh, Supermouse headache, pub steps, car, lonecat’s house, vom, vom, vom, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, sleep, wake, shower, phone, kiss, leave, car, Repeat, Rince, Lather, Road, Roundabout, Road, Corries, Pol’s, Time Bandits, Mariacat, Peter, Star Trek: Enterprise, Hershey’s, Geekary, Sleep, Car, Station, Tube, Baker Street, Tube, Breakfast, Train, Home, Shout at little brother, IRC, RSS, Diary entry, submit.

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On Writing

A mini-essay, while I’m away on holiday in Bath.

This is an extension of something I did for my Opendiary a year or so back. I tend to fail essays, my writing style gets in the way of anything I ever say being taken seriously. This is something I really should work on, attempt to take three steps back from the argument and present it as a flat argument, bereft of life, or whatever it is that appears to make people actually read what I write. And here we reach the point, because a point is needed, and the point is this:


I’m not exactly the world’s most secure person, which is exactly the reason why The Internet is really the wrong medium to be writing to, and Usenet especially, since the groups tend to frown upon “I agree completely with what you said” or “<AOL<” posts, so if people agree with what you say, or how you say it, you get exactly the same reaction as if nobody ever read it in the first place. The most replied to person on AFP is David Chapman, a man infamous throughout the group for posting controversial points of view, followed closely by Graham Deletethis – Which is not his real name, but the name I will forever think of him as because of his Spamtrapped address. They are also the top two posters to the group (Followed by Suzi, then myself), so I’m constantly in a state of wonder as to whether people are actually agreeing with me, or just not bothering. I know people read my posts, it’s just about crept though the last eight years of self-deprecation that there are one or two people out there who are reading what I’m saying. The Audience Is Out There. Listening. Absorbing.

But not reacting.

It’s very much talking to a microphone in a silent, empty room. There may be people out there somewhere. I’m an actor. Probably. I don’t count myself as a Writer, I don’t have a big enough grounding in any one area to count myself as a Real Geek, the one thing I’m prepared to accept I can do is talk to a group of people. And attempt to remain unfazed in the process. (One of my most surreal recent experiences was walking into an AFP meet and having it burst into applause at me. I never found out why. This comes a close second to walking into a Durham General meet where I knew nobody, and having someone randomly get up and say “You’re Aquarion” and hug me. I later discovered he knew me from AFDA, but it was pretty weird at the time). In order to know how I’m doing, I require feedback. Lots and Lots and Lots of feedback. The type of feedback you get from an audience of 500 people reacting to your talking, this is the feedback I’m used to. My writing style is very much like my spoken style, I’m told. Many, many subclauses. This is getting (Getting?!) a bit self-obessionary, so I shall get to the point.


That’s the point 🙂

There seems to be this huge culture on the Internet of read, enjoy, and come back tomorrow. The popularity of a site isn’t measured by the people who say how good it is, or what they think, or offer constructive criticism, but by the shear weight of numbers of people who visit it. So if you see something you enjoyed reading, anywhere, Internet, usenet, IRC, Real Life, Anything, reply. We don’t put the “contact me” links on pages just for show, Most content creators crave feedback. We do it mainly for ourselves, but it’s nice to know that the void is listening, and sometimes will even speak back.

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Four daze.

On the first day, Which was Sunday, there was stuff happening, and I read Girlfriend in a Coma (This was recently misspelt in this very entry as Girlfriend in a Comma, which would have made her *very small*.

On the second day, which was a Monday, Nothing happened, and I failed to get anything done.

On the third day, which was a Tuesday, I got up early, drank tea, went to the post office, returned library books, visited the office, promised the finish of a web-design by 9am next morning, Bought a computer magazine, went home, watched Buffy, played on IRC, put in a order to Amazon, sorted the finances for the Movie Project a bit, and went to bed.

On the fourth day, which was a Wednesday, and was about 01:30, I rememembered the promise, and blitz the entire design to get it done, and at 3am went back to bed again.

Later on the fourth day, which was still a Wednesday, albeit now one with added daylight, I remembered the Magazine, which came complete with a full version of EverQuest and a two week trial of using it. I installed this, discovered it wouldn’t work without me finally fixing IPTables or IPChains on my firewall, which was going to require a recompiled kernel.

This didn’t work.

Because of various preexisting modules and other associated crap, I deleted every 2.4 kernel installed on my system and went back to 2.2.17. Then remembered that /home/ is a reiser-formatteed drive, which that kernel doesn’t support. Thus screwed, I plugged the modem into the desktop, and started recompiling kernels and watching copious amounts of Buffy Season Three.

Today, being Thursday, the Amazon order arrived, and I spent eight hours playing Final Fantasy 8, which is a *good* game.

And therefore missed a phone call from pol, offering me a lift to the Bath Meet this weekend, which I wasn’t going to be able to get to unless I got paid for the web-design I submitted Tuesday. I returned the call via an IRC query, and now I’m going to Bath to see LoneCat this weekend.


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Surveying the land

Nicked from Nattie who always has interesting surveys.

It is always a pleasure to hear from ….. Anyone. Leave comments 😛

The weather this month has been ….. Cold but refreshing.

I am hoping that ….. I can get work, and get to Bath for the meet

Right now I am listening to ….. (See box to the right. Currently Fraggle Rock)

I wish, intensely, that I had some ….. Money

There is something extraordinarily fascinating about ….. Crashing peoples minds

I recently found ….. A cd I thought I’d lost

I have been wishing for ….. Happiness.

When I’m in New York, I’ll ….. Go see Sam

I need not tell you how much I enjoy ….. Coding new bits of Aquarionics

I love to sit on ….. Chairs.

As you know, I make a great ado about ….. Being bored but not doing anything about it

It makes me extremely proud to ….. Have a pet lonecat

I have been trying to get together ….. Myself

In my opinion, most people are ….. Interesting

I am wholly in favor of ….. Fun.

How fortunate I am to ….. be alive

I am somewhat lazy about ….. finding a job

The last weird thing I ate was ….. A Rasberry and Cracked pepper boiled sweet

Today I am hoping to ….. Write an episode of the Panto, phone to get my phone fixed, Get my hair cut

Right now, I am feeling ….. like it’s quarter to 8 (pm) and I didn’t do any of those things

One of the first things I do when I wake up is ….. Fetch email. Yes, I’m sad.

I shall be much interested in ….. What happens in a week or so’s time.

Every now and then, I think of ….. the past.

Right now, I am hearing ….. The fan, and Armand Van Helden, Essential mix live@ Homelands. Eww. *click* Aha, Billy Joel, We Didn’t Start The Fire

Tomorrow I am going to ….. Do Stuff

The one thing I could not live without is ….. People.

What I’d really love this Christmas is ….. Be in Cambridge.

With best wishes, I am ….. Leaving you. ’till next time…

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This means nothing to you

But I’ve now got all my admin stuff for Aquarionics finished. So I can reply to messages by email, delete messages, and *finally* read messages marked “Personal” Ain’t that Neatocool?

Now I can get rid of the old design from the server completly

As I say, this means nothing to you, but makes my life a bit nicer.

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I am about to lose my temper.

This doesn’t happen often, and I have a tendancy to hurt people when it does. Me, mainly. Like having to work *really* hard to stop myself from punching a hole in the monitor.

I will not let this die, and I will not let one person take over it.

I was supposed to be writing, now. I’m going away to watch cartoons or something

Later. Watched Buffy. Calmed down. *sigh* Apologised for over reacting…