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Workin' hard

Got a job for a bit. Did it, got paid.

Nuff said.

Back to redesign and stuff.

Randomness happened on IRC last night, which was fun. You haven’t lived until your IRC persona is being ripped to shreads by a cat…

Anyway, Do you know what happens when you send email? People resond.

Email. The communication of the new millenniummmmm

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back to normal

Okay, Aquarionics Design 2.4.4 is back (2.4.4 is the design with Microsoft’s Smarttags system disabled, until I can get the system working in my favour 🙂 The version numbering system, factfans, is Rethink.Design.Revision. Aquarionics 1 was the old Aquarion site on Future/Easyspace/BTi/Freeserve and all the other places it wenr before I bought the domain, where it became rethink 2. I’m currently working on what will be Rethink 3, (Project as yet unnamed. This means that Project Touchstone *isn’t* Aquarionics2 as random people have guessed.)

Main updates to this include the reintroduction of the “Where is Nick?” box, the removal of all smart-tags, and the increased reliance on Server Side Includes. Every time I get a new technology, I wonder how I lived without it. The same is true of PHP now as it was of SSI. Ahh well, back to the grindstone. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday, and the day for finishing Project Sacrifice (The networking/server project, pointless fact fans) and then I go back to learning Perl.

Spendin’ most my life, livin’ in a geeksters paradise…

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All the wasted chances

I have, sitting on my Harddrive, about eight complete redesigns for Aquarionics. This is one of them (I design them on a 800*600 “Scratch” graphic, then recreate them in HTML. I do this fairly often 🙂 It took me about half an hour to get from the scratch graphic to the design you see before you. Don’t worry, it’ll be back to normal soon)

Otherwise life is not excitng atm. Still unemployed. Still working to learn stuff. Still waiting for result.

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Here once more

Okay, Slight delay. since previous updates. Stuff has failed to happen on epic scales.

First, my computer bits, arrived. Then my cheque, then Tropico, Final Fantasy VII, A Playstation, A New Book entered my life in quick sucession, followed shortly (as in, next week) by my new glasses. I’ve spent far too much money this week.

Second, my grandmother went in and out of hospital (I don’t know why I didn’t mention that last week) with broken ribs. She looks better now, although my grandad has objections to the length of my hair…

Thirdly, A Friend took an overdose last night (of ibuprofen), lonecat talked her down and though it, while I was playing FFVII. I feel such a moron you wouldn’t belive, because I was there when it happened, but the reality of it didn’t register until lc phoned me later. I need to pay more attention.

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Jascain of Pyratic

He stopped on the road away from Pyratic.

He turned his back to his destination, and reviewed both the road he had travelled and the city that lay beyond it. Never was there a place like it, and nowhere could there ever be again. Darkness was falling, and he was far from the only person on the roads at this time of the evening. Resisting the tide of people fleeing from the burning remains of what had once been the Magictions Quarter hundreds of years ago, before the war. Why it was called Pyratic had been lost, along with the thousands that had lived there in the time. Now it was living up to it’s name, as the flames flickered and lit up the sky and the other three city areas, divided by the Wall. If you looked with a magictions’s eye, you could see the guards atop the wall, throwing water and rocks at flames and refugees respectivly. The last thing the city needed was the fire spreading, so the first thing the Poltack had ordered was the closing of the gates to all but those who could prove their address was not in the poorest district.
Jascain, however, had recently fallen upon hard times. His soot blackened clothes conspired with the ragged canvas bag at his back to make him look like one of the more wretched denzins of Pyratic. It could be said that who knew him would be shocked to know of his fall from grace as one of the foremost artists of the City, but those who knew him then would never even know he existed now, the same way he stopped existing as soon as his work – and him, though not in that order – fell out of the Poltack’s daughters favour.
The flunkies and hangers on who he thought of as his friends at that time had dropped him like a bad apple. On the way down, you find out who your friends are, he doubted he had a real friend left.


And that was the word that changed it all. “Except”. Except maybe, if he was lucky, and if he hadn’t totally destroyed whatever friendship there had been by that argument long ago, there may still be the slightest possibility that…

He was fooling nobody, least of all himself, but that sliver of hope was all that remained. In the last month, he had lost his life, his Fianc, his dream, and now his house and all he owned. There was only one place he could go now.


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The Beautiful Words

from a post on alt.sysadmin.recovery by J.D. Baldwin

There are many beautiful and elegant phrases in the English language.
It can express a really astonishing range of powerful and subtle
emotions and concepts. Chaucer, to Shakespeare, to Milton, to Jane
Austen and Henry James — all of them have entries on the short list
of Most Lovely Phrases Ever. I, however, believe I have concocted one
that leaves them all behind. A phrase that expresses a notion so
beautiful that the mind can’t even hope to wrap itself around it.

The phrase is: “My brother-in-law, the bar owner.”

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Okay, severe lack of updates. Stuff not happening. Money doesn’t quite streach as far as it used to, for starters 🙁

I spent much of last night trying to work out an entry. This is bad, mainly because whilst doing so I was at a pub with people I haven’t seen for two years, and some that I could happily live without seeing forever. I saw Kate, after exchanging text messages over the course of the morning, and proceeded to watch her with her new friends feeling like a spare groom at a wedding. My normal ability to “fit in” was totally destroyed, as it alway is, by the presence of someone who knew me before I actually got a life.


Anyway, I’ve ordered the bits for the new Server (Project Sacrifice: To set up a linux box to act as a server to our home network), and a couple of hundred pounds I don’t yet own vanished into the ether.

Bill, a friend of my Dad’s from New York, came here for dinner last Sunday, which was great, because he said nice things about Aquarionics :-D. Said it was “in the grand traditions of Monty Python“, so he did.

Which was nice.

Then we have the new edition of Terra Incognita, which has the beginnings of Project Cevearn in it, and a new story in the works which is all the fault of Supermouse. Finally, the Aquarionic T-Shirt service is up and running for CCDE, so Go See.

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Nothing really matters

hello peoples.

I’m home. I’m in kent, I have travelled the distance (with help from parents) and me and my eight archive boxes of crap arrived on the doorstop Saturday evening. Since then I have done /nothing/,

Well, Not Quite True, I’ve put out another edition of Terra Incognita, and done some more design work for Aquarionics 2. Also for project Touchstone, though that may be later.

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Aquarionics. The SQL.

I’d like to say that the reason for no diary entry yesterday was the above. It isn’t.

In a truly epic coding session, which began at approximatly 2pm yesterday (An hour after I got up) and ended at half past six this morning, I have created the starting point for Aquarionics2 (Writen, as has been pointed out before, in MySQL and PHP. I started out not knowing anything about PHP, and as of right now I have a detailed user system, the basics of the new dynamic portal, and… well, thats about it.

In a slight case of going-off-at-a-tangent, Aquarionics2 has a User system, despite the fact that only I update it. This is Silly, but fun. There is a test version running, however it’s on this computer here, and so is only availible while I’m online. If you want a look, catch me on IRC, and I’ll give you a temporary user name.

I can’t go to the Durham Auditions. This is Bad. I will be going home on Saturday instead. This is Good.

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Desire, Designs, and Durham

Durham was fun 🙂

Lonecat gave me a tour of Durham yesterday, which was cool, we listened to portions of each others MP3 collection, and now I have more more Weird Al stuff then I knew existed last week, and discussions of stories, of Universities, and of towels. A exceptionally nice day, and I really wish I’d done it before now, so I’d have time to do it again

Also that I’d got into Durham. But that’s a What If… trail I wish to avoid.

Designs? Oh yes, my several hour quest to get that little bar at the top working consistantly. It was working within five minutes, then it stopped. So I continued to play with things for two hours to get it working again, before realising that the very act of getting it working had changed what I had to do…

That doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it. Just know that my hatred of CSS now knows no bounds

Oh yes, the final entry, Desire