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Okay, Slight delay. since previous updates. Stuff has failed to happen on epic scales.

First, my computer bits, arrived. Then my cheque, then Tropico, Final Fantasy VII, A Playstation, A New Book entered my life in quick sucession, followed shortly (as in, next week) by my new glasses. I’ve spent far too much money this week.

Second, my grandmother went in and out of hospital (I don’t know why I didn’t mention that last week) with broken ribs. She looks better now, although my grandad has objections to the length of my hair…

Thirdly, A Friend took an overdose last night (of ibuprofen), lonecat talked her down and though it, while I was playing FFVII. I feel such a moron you wouldn’t belive, because I was there when it happened, but the reality of it didn’t register until lc phoned me later. I need to pay more attention.

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