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Okay, Aquarionics Design 2.4.4 is back (2.4.4 is the design with Microsoft’s Smarttags system disabled, until I can get the system working in my favour 🙂 The version numbering system, factfans, is Rethink.Design.Revision. Aquarionics 1 was the old Aquarion site on Future/Easyspace/BTi/Freeserve and all the other places it wenr before I bought the domain, where it became rethink 2. I’m currently working on what will be Rethink 3, (Project as yet unnamed. This means that Project Touchstone *isn’t* Aquarionics2 as random people have guessed.)

Main updates to this include the reintroduction of the “Where is Nick?” box, the removal of all smart-tags, and the increased reliance on Server Side Includes. Every time I get a new technology, I wonder how I lived without it. The same is true of PHP now as it was of SSI. Ahh well, back to the grindstone. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday, and the day for finishing Project Sacrifice (The networking/server project, pointless fact fans) and then I go back to learning Perl.

Spendin’ most my life, livin’ in a geeksters paradise…

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