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Okay, severe lack of updates. Stuff not happening. Money doesn’t quite streach as far as it used to, for starters 🙁

I spent much of last night trying to work out an entry. This is bad, mainly because whilst doing so I was at a pub with people I haven’t seen for two years, and some that I could happily live without seeing forever. I saw Kate, after exchanging text messages over the course of the morning, and proceeded to watch her with her new friends feeling like a spare groom at a wedding. My normal ability to “fit in” was totally destroyed, as it alway is, by the presence of someone who knew me before I actually got a life.


Anyway, I’ve ordered the bits for the new Server (Project Sacrifice: To set up a linux box to act as a server to our home network), and a couple of hundred pounds I don’t yet own vanished into the ether.

Bill, a friend of my Dad’s from New York, came here for dinner last Sunday, which was great, because he said nice things about Aquarionics :-D. Said it was “in the grand traditions of Monty Python“, so he did.

Which was nice.

Then we have the new edition of Terra Incognita, which has the beginnings of Project Cevearn in it, and a new story in the works which is all the fault of Supermouse. Finally, the Aquarionic T-Shirt service is up and running for CCDE, so Go See.

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