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Today I:

Fixed the broken DNS settings for aquarionics.com (www.aquarionics.com and variousotherthings.aquarionics.com were fine, but aquarionics.com (as in “aquarion@aquarionics.com”) was – and is – broken. As if I hadn’t had enough DNS errors over the last week)

Started the process of rewriting my CV from the ground up.

Did more work on geekstuff.co.uk

Started mentally planning bits for a proper (as in, paid for project)

Listened to a lot of music.

Attempted to teach Dragon Simply Speaking to listen to me by spending most of the morning reading Dave Barry monologues into it.

Made fresh scones, put clotted cream on them (because Sainsbury’s were selling it cheap as the budgie) and ate them with jam.

Me: 5. World: Nil.

Also, Last night I recorded (after various requests to do so. People are odd) The Shipping Forcast, a programme with almost mystical significance. General conclusion: I need a better microphone.

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