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Wot I Did On My Holadays, By Nicholas Avenell, Aged 20 and and a bit:

Damning all bastards on AFP, I was moved to dig out my old Amiga 600 from the long-term storage system over the top of my wardrobe to live back in the mid-ninties, and I remembered all of the reasons I loved the ‘miggy. Although the system is falling apart (I had a (gasp) 2mb system, but the memory is going, and you can’t get the upgrades anymore. *sigh*) I managed to get at the Harddrive (30mb! Wow!) and play the shortest game of Civilization ever (Build Town, Americans take over town, “Aquarion Will Return sequence. 10 minutes to generate the map, three minutes to die. *sigh*) but, and here is the crunch, I found all the files I thought I’d lost.

This includes the entire output of “Wonderful Productions”, a whole host of animations (I’m looking at ways to convert them to something I can put here) and all my notes for five years on what is now the Cevearn project. It’s Really, Really bad, but as soon as I can get it onto a PC, I’ll put it here for you to laugh at.

Just as cringeworthy are several years of my composing stuff on Octamed. Again, when I get them online, you’ll be the first to know.

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