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So, what now?

Enough of the whole “I Hate Sunderland” thing. The fact is I will be gone soon, so what then? Basically my vague direction since I was 12 was to get to Uni, then once here, to pass. Now what? I have an Education. What the hell do I do now?

Of course, there is the pipedream. I want The Aquarionics Network (Basically, This and some other sites in Pipedream mode) to make me enough money that I can live off it. This means content, which requires inspiration, which I’m short of. One day I’ll have some, but knowing my luck it’d be when I have a full-time job I can’t drop. My ultimate dream is to write for a living, if I ever belived that my stories could sustain me. Yeah, it’s unlikely. I’m lazy, and therefore not cut out for the life of hardship being an Struggling Artist. I could start now by putting a Paypal type tip-jar on the Creative page, but that feels… wrong. I’m not good enough.

After all, it’s what my Education has prepared me for, a lifetime of being a codemonkey. I am not a programmer, I am a sysadmin. But I havn’t the expericance to maintian an installation my myself. I can admin a network, and I can help people, but I’ve never admined WinNT before. So Ideally I want to be a PFY to some BOFH somewhere (offers welcome, BTW) (PFY: Pimple-Faced Youth. Basically a BOFH Assistant. BOFH: Bastard Operator From Hell, a style of System Administration)

The *other* way in which Aquarionics could make me money. This I already do, on a limited basis. The problem is that all the cool toys… er… tools are $Lots, and I can’t afford them, so I can’t earn money to get them… aroundy round we go. But I am designing a showcase so I can start earning. Could be fun.

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