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Don't look down

The post below deserves an explaination. However, I’m not giving it one. Neither am I explaining more than the title, which is a line from a Divine Comedy song (Could have been worse, could have been “Everybody Knows…”)

Today being tuesday, two parcels arrived for me. The first was my new Duron 750 processor and Motherboard (Woo HOO!), the other the new charger for my phone (And double Woo HOO!) The Sims runs smoother than a well oiled sheep down a long plastic tube, and I am back in the land of the connected (Four messages waiting, One “Happy Birthday”, one person wanting to talk to me, One person wanting to meet me Sunday in Sunderland (Bit late there Sara, sorry) and a problem with Group Projects. The number is… no, I’m not quite that bad yet.).

Talking of The Sims, I’m readdicted. Recreating an IRC channel (#tash) appears to have been a bad move. simMoth hates simNick and simNattie with a vengance, but love is blooming… Anyway, as per usual the houses are online here. Take a look, go on 🙂

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Don't tempt the lonly and perverse

edited slightly for language and people. Increased lanugage, decreased people 01-1-31
Beware, This is where it starts getting complicated. Warning: Contains language.

Friday was the 20th aniversary of my entry unto the veil of tears in which I find myself. On that day I received no presents at all, or whatsoever. Ok, I realise that the presants are not everything, that it is the thought that counts. Which is why the lack of *anything* hurts quite this much. This isn’t strictly true. I have a present, Admittedly I have had it for a week or so, but a present it remains. And the fact that it is from <N> makes it all the nicer. Unfortunatly I left it in my flat when I abandoned it with food poisoning, so it is as remote as anything else. On top of this I have left the charger there (I can’t collect it due to afformentioned lack of working door) for my mobile. Thus I cannot contact anybody about going for a drink. I havn’t seen any of my friends since arriveing in Paddock Wood.

Which brings me to the Online world. Online is divided into two sections, the first is <N>, the rest is everything else. Since the whole <N> thing is completely unresolveable in any way I can enjoy (Or rather, it *is* resolved, but in a way that is both irrevokable and fair. This doesn’t make it better) It just degenerates into nothingness. Everything else includes the Movie (AFP are making a film. I hope to be in it) Which appears to be going more Burocratic by the day. (This is a major problem. AFP is totally freewheeling, the only way to restrain that is to impose order. But to get an effect you must not skimp with the order, and this means it is harder and harder for anything to actually get *done*. But I digress) and #afp, and everything. Apart from the normal “Happy cheery punning Aquarion” stuff on #afp, I seem to be getting increasingly lost. Most of my time is spent idle (surfing the net, waiting for something interesting to happen) because either deep silence prevails or the conversation is not join-in-able by me.

And that brings me to Aquarionics. I’m looking for a new host for Aquarionics. I am paying though the nose for what is really quite a basic service on Pennyhost. The only things that split it from the other deals I’ve seen is the # of megabytes (40), the unlimited pop accounts, and (And here is the hard bit) the easy to set up and use Mailinglist feature. Aquarionics now hosts six mailinglists (Bostridge, AFPHoroscope, AFPMovie, Admin, MSCEProject and Absolutly Nothing), and finding a host I can transfer them too seems to be the hard bit. Oh yes, and they have to be running Linux (Simply for Apache, mySQL and PHP, which I want). If anyone knows of someone who can help, tell me please…

Thirdly. What is the fucking point? I’m at a uni I don’t want to be at, heading for a career whose identity I can’t see, alone. I’m a sad geek living in alone in a single room flat in one of the most dangeous cities in the country. On the plus side, I’ve spent my second new year with people I activly like, I actually lived the tradition of kissing someone at midnight on the new year. On the minus side, I’m broke, on the wrong end of a triangle, and appear to have spent my 20th birthday alone in my room. But I have linux working. Sort of.

I want to exchange my life for one that works. Please.

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Happy Birthday to me

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to Aquarion,
Happy birthday to me.

I am now 20. Cower in fear.

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I've now spent 12 hours in the north east not on trains. I…

I’ve now spent 12 hours in the north east not on trains.

I have spent 10 of those hours online from this terminal

I have watched movies about Black & White, Read fiction, talked on IRC, tried to write fiction, failed, counted the number of names I am known as online (34), yawned lots, slept not at all, revised a bit, Visited everything, memepool, read the entire back archives of ?, added things to my Amazon Wish List…

…basically, I’ve now completly, totally and utterly run out of things to do.

I’m going to read books for a bit.

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Your GQ (geek quotient) is…. GQ 124 (this puts you in…

Your GQ (geek quotient) is…. GQ

(this puts you in the 90.26 percentile.)

Your GQ is slightly above average – there is some cool in there somewhere…

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Big Issue

At 12:00 this afternoon, I left the small and almost entirely dead town of Paddock Wood, where I live, to go to a day-trip to the wastes of Sunderland, where I also live and work, to go for an exam (Paddock Wood > London Charring Cross > London Kings Cross > Newcastle > Sunderland. I arrived at half past six (almost record time), walked up to the flat block, insert key, turn, enter.

Walk up to my front door, insert key, turn…

…try to turn…

…keep trying to turn…

The latch on my door has slipped down. I’m locked out. Since it was half past seven by the time my landlord came around, we shall wait until tomorrow before I can get into my flat.

Things to do in Sunderland when you are homeless…

And you see the word up there? the 24/25th words of this essay?

Day Trip

I go home tomorrow. So where to spend the night? Friends are on exams, but not all of them, except…

Except my phone has no charge, and the charger is… In the flat.

So I am availing myself of the University Computer Tomb 24hr Access. And will be all night. *sigh*

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I Complete Quckwit

Okay, I am a moron. I shall explain how below, and so you shall agree:

Like every good online person, I have an ICQ account. And, like any good online person stranded 300 miles from his computer, I found a webcafe to surf from.

The problems came when I combined the two, and installed my ICQ account onto the Webcafe computer I was logged into.

And then forgot about it and went to play Counterstrike.

Forgot about it *still* *logged* *in*.

So when Somebody sent a message apparently to me, and recieved the response a query on sex and travel (F*** Off) she reacted as I probably would.

This provoked me swearing on the front page of my weblog, Furious backpedding while I tried to work out what the hell was wrong. And many, many apologies.

And I am still a fuckwit

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I am a fuckwit. I have just upset someone very much with a comment I didn’t even think about.

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Aquarionics could still go down at any time.

I have just come out of an exam. I am dead. I have a stomach ache, I didn’t sleep at all last night, my head feels like it is full of cotton wool, and I just want to find a corner and die in it, yet I came in for an exam. Which I have probably just failed. Bah.

To all the people who have been emailing me (Yes, that includes the Cosmic Diva, and James the Underpants Gnome, and the rest) I am currently unable to send emails from Aquarionics, because of a problem with the University Proxy Server (It caches things, so that when I hit *send* nothing happens. This is a Bugger) I will respond as soon as I get a Real Connection back, Promise.

Now time for The Experiment. If I put food into my stomach, will I die? Will it come back? Answers after the break…

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We have a problem.

Or *I* have a problem, Your problems are related, but only in the most random way, perhaps. This is an important message, so I will explain it simply.

Sometime this week, perhaps, will go down. This will mean that I will not be able to get email, that posts to Lists will not make it, and that will be as dead as last weeks herring.

The reasons for this are long and varied, but boil down to this: Pennyhost (Who host Aquarionics) want money, and my bank (Who stop the creditcards that pay them) want blood (I assume, I’ve tried giving them money and it didn’t work) I am fighting to make sure this doesn’t happen, but at the moment it really isn’t working, and so Aquarionics could go down at any moment. I’m sorry.

If it *does* go down, I’ll post when all is resolved. Otherwise you can contact me via until the hell is over.