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Okay, I am a moron. I shall explain how below, and so you shall agree:

Like every good online person, I have an ICQ account. And, like any good online person stranded 300 miles from his computer, I found a webcafe to surf from.

The problems came when I combined the two, and installed my ICQ account onto the Webcafe computer I was logged into.

And then forgot about it and went to play Counterstrike.

Forgot about it *still* *logged* *in*.

So when Somebody sent a message apparently to me, and recieved the response a query on sex and travel (F*** Off) she reacted as I probably would.

This provoked me swearing on the front page of my weblog, Furious backpedding while I tried to work out what the hell was wrong. And many, many apologies.

And I am still a fuckwit

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