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Aquarionics could still go down at any time.

I have just come out of an exam. I am dead. I have a stomach ache, I didn’t sleep at all last night, my head feels like it is full of cotton wool, and I just want to find a corner and die in it, yet I came in for an exam. Which I have probably just failed. Bah.

To all the people who have been emailing me (Yes, that includes the Cosmic Diva, and James the Underpants Gnome, and the rest) I am currently unable to send emails from Aquarionics, because of a problem with the University Proxy Server (It caches things, so that when I hit *send* nothing happens. This is a Bugger) I will respond as soon as I get a Real Connection back, Promise.

Now time for The Experiment. If I put food into my stomach, will I die? Will it come back? Answers after the break…

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