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We have a problem.

Or *I* have a problem, Your problems are related, but only in the most random way, perhaps. This is an important message, so I will explain it simply.

Sometime this week, perhaps, Aquarionics.com will go down. This will mean that I will not be able to get email, that posts to Lists will not make it, and that Aquarionics.com will be as dead as last weeks herring.

The reasons for this are long and varied, but boil down to this: Pennyhost (Who host Aquarionics) want money, and my bank (Who stop the creditcards that pay them) want blood (I assume, I’ve tried giving them money and it didn’t work) I am fighting to make sure this doesn’t happen, but at the moment it really isn’t working, and so Aquarionics could go down at any moment. I’m sorry.

If it *does* go down, I’ll post when all is resolved. Otherwise you can contact me via Nicholas@aquarion.freeserve.co.uk until the hell is over.


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