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I drink lots of tea.

I *don’t* drink even more.

I shall explain:

When I make a cup of tea, I get up, turn on the kettle, sit down again, wait for the kettle to boil. About 10 minutes later, I remember the kettle, by which time the kettle has cooled down, so I turn it back on and go back to the computer. Repeat until I finally get to the kettle just after it’s boiled.

Finally, I pour water onto a teabag in a mug (having found both of the above in my Kitchen. No easy task) and let it steep while I type a few lines/complete the level/finish my diary ent… *shit* <Fx: Aquarion goes to make tea> …entry. anything between 15 and 30 minutes later, I remember about the cup, and go to it to discover that it is a) Stone Cold, b) so strong you could bend horseshoes around it. Go to step one.

This means that of every 4 cups of tea I make, I will probably actually drink 2 of them, throw two down the sink for said coldness, and fail to make 3 for letting the water cool down.

Then I have to find the milk….

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