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A note on the above. The above headline is a reguler expression which will catch words starting with “flu” and ending with “nk” or “ke”, ie the pattern it will match is “Fluke” or “Flunk”, which will make more sence when you read the below.

I am about to enter a test. An Exam, A measure of my skills. To prepare for this exam, I opened the textbook at 9am this morning, and worked though it, and ended fairly confidant that I would pass the test. If not with flying colours, then at least they can glide majestically.

At approximatly 11:30, I was informed that we also have a written test just before. This, to coin a phrase, is an arse. Admittedly, this is all my own stupid fault, because I haven’t been to the lectures for the past few weeks, on the basis that everything was in the textbook, and I’d have a chance to catch up with said text book before it was needed.

This is the wrong attitude. A Bad and Evil attitude. The attitude that has left me with exactly 23 minutes to catch up on seven weeks of hour long lectures. The fact that I am still writing in this now, despite said deadline (dead in the truest possible sense) looming over me like a mafia hitman, is a tribute to either gross stupidity, or an inner confidence that if I can’t do it, at least I can fake it effectivly (f’nar).

So, wish me luck, (or wish that my confidence will let me down, depending on how overconfident you think I am), and I will post the results as soon as an idea of what they are.


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