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Spent an entertaining day Designing the new TMS Website (The Marketing Solution, where I am Tech Support, Computer Bloke and Person To Blame) (And I’m *still* freelance 🙂 in an entertaining series of events, I am now at a scheme not a million miles away from the old one. But since I designed (and like) the old one, that’s not a problem. In fact, I might use Blogger to power it. Hmm. I’ve got it working with Tables, and am contemplating Framing it. I avoid frames on Linking princibles (Linking to them sucks killer whales though sieves).

In other news, My aunt my cousins came around to collect a laptop I was checking out for my Uncle’s school. The kids are about 3ish, toddler age, and I am always suprised about how well I seem to get on with kids that age. 10 year olds are all, with very few exceptions, Bastards. Bias? Me? Never. But we played with a Brio railway set, and gave my aunt a rest from them for a while. So it was all worthwhile 🙂

Today was the night of the Mascalls School (my Ex-secondary schoool) Performing Arts exam. And I was totally blown away by the entire group. Although it has been said it was not *quite* as smooth as last years effort (which I co-wrote, co-directed, co-performed etc..) I was asounded by the quality of the acting. The writing was of a high standard, but the *acting* was fantastic.

In more other news, my friend Barry has, as far as I have heard on the Grapevine, managed to pass an audition in the US! Woo Hoo! The fact that he is currently living the high-life in Ibiza *and* will spend 5 weeks in the US in the not-to-distant future does not make me absurdly jelous at all. Not one green eye anywhere. At all.


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