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There has to be a concept of zero.

It is speculated that the multiverse was created in order it kill itself.

There are 3 forces in the multiverse, Which we shall call Empirical, Natural and Magical, and some say that the purpose of the multiverse is to find out which one will win. Like a multi-dimensional coin someone has tossed to see which side lands face up.

But in order for one power to win, there has to be a concept of zero.
There is, It’s called Neutral.

The theory of parallel universes runs thusly, Whenever there is a possibility for decision the universe diverges into 2. So there are always 2 universes of vital importance, the first is Universe 1 which was made first and which is pre-programmed to reject any kind of interference from another dimension.

The second is the place where the action happens, the face that will be viewed when the coin falls. You could imagine it as the centre point in a three-way tug-of-war, If the rest of the universe is controlled by one force and it controls enough to pull the rest of it over the line, that force wins. But there is a tug of war on the centre point, which affects how far the force has to pull to win. The centre point has to stay neutral.

So there was a fourth force, that of Neutrality, desperately trying to stop any of the forces from going too far.

The problem is that the force of neutrality was running backwards and forwards, trying to keep the multiverse in line, when the other three forces set a trap. The trap confined Neutrality’s field of influence to the centre point, and worse, bound it to that universe, not even being able to see the state of the multiverse.

The Neutrality sat on the planet, and decided that the best way to influence a planet was from the inside, and so poured it’s power into a human body during conception. After a nine month holiday he emerged in human form, not realising that the teaching changes the mind, and all the morals and ethics that as a force he was above were now something he himself were affected by.

A couple of hundred years past, and he infiltrated every power. Every plot hatched he both helped and hindered, he was an unknown thorn in the sides of each of the six agents, before the worst possible thing happened. The force for neutrality did the one thing he shouldn’t, yet had no control over. He fell in love.
Then, one fateful day, he was forced to make a choice. He knew his decision in advance, there was only one way to keep it neutral, but that would mean the death of his love. He was going to have to choose.

He chose.

He found he couldn’t live with the choice he made, and that he was far too involved, Then he found a way out of his trap, a portal that would take him to another universe, where he could regroup and recover for a century or two. He passed though the portal.

And that was the last time he trod on
the soil of Universe 2.

by NA. 11/25/00

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