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Again, abandoned. This time due to far too much “Ooh, look it’s $foo from $thisPlace stuff.

There is something depressing about a
white, clear computer screen. The single, solitary line blinking at
you from the top left hand side of it, like some evil blinking eye of
Or something.
He typed.
He looked carefully at the word. Was
this the correct way to start a Shareholders meeting? Probably not
He pressed the Windows and R keys.
Open: >
He considered.
He pressed enter. The familiar green
screen launched itself, and 9 piles of cards arranged themselves
on-screen. Solitaire, the last refuge from Writers block.
He clicked aimlessly for a while,
before realising that every card was Black.
In disgust, he shut down Solitaire, and
decided to check his e-mails.
messages… Done.

8 New messages, displaying:
From / Subject,
NTK/ C’est Need To Know
[email protected] / Free XXX Movies!!!
[email protected] / SHTK Stuff
Zoom Media / Dear Valued Customer…
[email protected] / Make Big $$$
[email protected] (Ce’) / Re: Kale’s Army
[email protected] / Natalie Warder
[email protected] [SPS] / HTML 5 Standard Broken?

He read NTK whilst online, and wondered
how they found this stuff each week, filed the second and fourth
messages in the recycle bin, and put the last into the “later”
box, for when he had time. This only left Kay’s message, Ce’s message
and this Farly person. Farly seemed to know how to use e-mail, The
message was marked Urgent, so Simon opened that. He read the message.

by NA. 11/25/00

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