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Ok, Sorry about this.

When my life is boring, I don’t have anything to report. When life isn’t, I have no time to ‘blog.

In increasing chronological order then:

Tuesday: I went to Canterbury to find a pub for Saturday’s Meet. Canterbury (Home of Charlotte from TBC, although I don’t know her) is a very nice old town with lots of nice little winding allyways to get totally and hopelessly lost in. Blisters a go-go.

Wednesday/Thursday: Nasty Things Happened. On IRC, while I was feeling depressed and irritated, one of the Op’s decided to play a trick on a relitive Newbie, coming on (in both senses of the word) as “Layra”. One of the *other* ops then decided to distribute the logs of him telling us about this to said person.

/onotice, the method by which Op’s on IRC talk to each other without the rest of the channel hearing, is a privite medium. Used to discuss many things, including “I remember the old days”, “Who is X, really?”, “Is Y suitible for the channel”, and occasionally “God I wish this guy would stop it with the Popup’s already”. It is *Op’s Notice*. People say things on it which are *private*. And when other people use the /onotice logs as a weapon in a private war, All the Ops get hurt. I am now stuck in the middle of an interchannel war. I *hate* Interchannel Wars. This one has at least four sides, including the original channel, a breakaway channel after an argument in the main channel, A reactionary group protesting about the fact that some people were dropped from the list of people who were Op’s on the channel, and the Others, the people who actually *use* the channel to talk. I have friends in each and every camp, and I am *in* three of them. (AOp on the two channels, and a user as well). ARGHHH.

Friday: A phone call woke me from my revery on the perils of Flathunting. I now have a flat in Sunderland! Yay!

Went on IRC, Talked to someone who used to live in Sunderland. Was told it wasn’t a nice area. Damn.

Saturday: Meet in Canterbury. Left at 12:00, Arrived at Canterbury 14:50, in pub by 15:15, person arrived 15:45, Drank, Ate, Wandered around Canterbury. 18:00 realised I’d lost my mobile. Backtrack. Not in pub. Damn. Got home 23:00. Fun Meet 🙂

Sunday: Barred Mobile, Updated Blog.

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