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This week, we moved in.

Okay, so we moved into this house a month ago, getting on for two, but up until this week most of the front room was still taken up by boxes. This weekend, I turned it into a pile of emptiness:2015-10-10 11.07.19 HDR

And then turned it into a sofa:

And then, eventually, the same with my new desk:

2015-10-11 19.06.50


Coming to the end of my current contract, and not sure how I feel about it. I always knew I wasn’t going to be able to tie everything off with a neat ribbon, but I keep cutting things I want to finish just to be able to get *some* things done. No new place confirmed – current best hope was at the AWS conference all last week, which delayed the process a bit – so it might get a bit fraught.


Spent some of the weekend in Sims, attempting to arrange lives where my own is messy, but some of it in the new Battlefront Beta, which reminds me a lot of early Battlefield games. It’s a lot more mass combat, a lot less Call of Duty, and quite a bit more fun. I found I wasn’t hitting anything as a Stormtrooper, but that the rebels got overwhelmed a lot, so it’s pretty true to the universe.


Brewed some beer, got the stuff to lay down some mead later in the week (Looks like one of my demijohns didn’t survive the move, so I’ve ordered a new one). Between that and actually getting the sofa and desk up, it’s been a productive while.

I’ve been working on the Pirate game too, there’s an early beta up, but it doesn’t do very much yet.


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