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And thus ends the week of Thailand. You might have missed the second to last episode “One day in Bangkok” because I managed to schedule it the same day as the Entertainment one. Well done me.

This week has been dominated by a few things. Teeth, partly. Tuesday I started suffering from massive toothache on the “Why don’t I own a hammer” level. Emergency dentist on Wednesday filed it down so I stopped biting on it and told me to come back in a week. Continued to hurt massively until Sunday, and by Monday barely hurt at all. Still got the dentist on Wednesday, though. They speak of Root Canals, and terrify me by doing so.

Work continues. We’ve released this great new course based on Pearson’s “Market Leader” textbook, so if you know someone who could use a Business-focused English as a Foreign Language course , let me know. I might even be able to wrangle you a discount.

Summer was spent larping, as generally it is. I’ve started to build a reputation as someone who can competently man a ref-desk for reasonably large events. I was doing this for Odyssey in my role as ref, and for Winter in the Willows as Admin, and it worked well, I think. I’m not sure if I am actually good at it, because it isn’t something I actively work at having to try hard to do, and is therefore obviously easy for everyone. Brains are strange.

My Keystone larp, for want of a better term, is ending next year. Maelstrom was the first large event I ever turned up to, and has been absolutely awesome, and I like that it’s ending rather than going on forever. The new one from the same people also looks great, to the point where I’d kind of like to help run it and make other people’s games better. It would, however, mean I’m no longer actively playing any large events, only crewing, which bothers me less than I thought it would. It’s not a decision I have to think about for about a year, and there’s a high chance that if I say “I’d like to crew” they’re going to say “You and that army, play instead”, though. Plus, I’m having a lot of fun satirizing the discussions on what players want out of the game, and I’d feel guilty doing that if I was on the inside.

This weekend, I spent over a quarter of it playing Skyrim, and I’m pretty sure Steam is low-balling that number.  It’s awesome. I should write a review, or something. If I stop playing for long enough.

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