Dark Light

Observant people might have noticed that Aquarionics was down for most of the time between the last entry and this one. Transfering to CVS didn’t go as smoothly as I planned. Ah well.

I have completed Knights of the Old Republic. I now begin the process of waiting for KotOR II, due out early 2005, annoyingly. I did it as Light Side and finished by getting the girl and beating the bad guy. And boy, was she a tough girl to get too. Bad guy was evil and took me about 20 goes. I had a “list of things that annoy me about KotOR” to post when I finished it, but it’s gone away in favour of the tide of “Bloody hell that’s a good game”, as if the very fact it’s taken up 30 hours of my life in the past few weeks didn’t prove that. Very highly recommended. Go find it, play it, enjoy it.

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