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Things that are happening:

I’m playing Deus Ex, still, but currently short-term distracted by Rock of Ages, which is what happens if you drop a Tower Defence game into Marble Madness, and then give the artistic direction to someone who has been obsessing over Terry Gillam’s cartoon style since Monty Python stopped producing new things

It involves crushing things with boulders, and is therefore a good thing.

Work continues, last night we interviewed the Economist’s Education Corespondent, Alison Goddard, for the benefit of our students. There was deep discussion on the state of education, and also dolphins. We set it in the TV studio we’ve built for the new Languagelab course based on Pearson’s Market Leader textbook.

But this weekend is the last Maelstrom event, and the last big weekend larp thing I’m playing this year (I’m reffing Winter in the Willows at halloween), and with any luck I can close out the year (The end of the character’s sixth year in the system) with a bang.

Back on Sunday.

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