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My dream computer is probably a phone.

It’s a box, about phone sized, with a full-size touch screen, Wifi and Mobile data capability, running unix based OS with touch-screen optimised UI, and having enough data storage to put the majority of my stuff on it locally. The rest is encrypted on a server somewhere (some people will run their own, others will buy commercial versions, companies would have shared ones). That’s probably Ubuntu One, or something similar.

A current-gen version of this has HDMI and USB out, but could probably be replaced with Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt could be used for a larger screen version of the touchscreen-optimised OS, at which point you’ve got a tablet, or you could plug in a keyboard and/or mouse as well, at which point you’ve got a full PC analog. Possibly there also exist docking stations with more CPUs & ram in, or maybe the CPU in the “phone” unit scales based on available power capabilities. The important bit is that the data, the control and the “machine” itself is a small pocket thingy. Ideally you don’t have to plug anything in anywhere, and this is all magically done over wireless. Plus, it’s entirely secure and never breaks.

See? I’m a pundit now!

  1. Seem to be describing android 3.x I have an Iconoia Tab, the full sized USB slot takes a keyboard and mouse, though you could do bluetooth. HDMI out for bigger screens, to scale, suppose I could ssh into my desktop or laptop. Run a Pogoplug at home so extra data is there (don’t trust ubuntu one since it decided to sync all computers with a new one I had added, thus wiping everything on all connected devices when I booted them up, though Aquarius assures me that “bug” has been cured) . OK, its a 10.1″ screen so hardly pocket sized. Entirely secure and never breaks, ok now that is impossible.

    Biggest problem is finding a decent Android office suite, none of the ones I have found support ODF files, just nasty horrible microsoft ones, google docs is good as far as it goes, but still feels clunky in the browser and the app is just designed for taking quick notes on a smaller screened phone.

  2. Also:
    * Good background synch, flexible enough for “in these folders, all but files matching these patterns”, and “These files whenever changed, those only when on mains powe and wifi”
    * Private-to-me location updating and option of remote wiping for when I inevitably forget it on a train.
    * Built-in, automatic hardware encryption of local data.
    * Support for all the various media streamage protocols out there.

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