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So, I went to Cambridge.

In order to get to the place I needed to be on time, I had to get a taxi, which was something of an unexpected expense, but fun is worth spending money on.

And it was fun.

My new character – and bore you with it at great length will I if proded – is Philip Panama, Mage at small. No job too easy, No fee too high.

Panama has been added to the increasingly stale Hero Diaries project. I intend to keep that up to date, if only for my own notes (Warning, TT folklets, may explain more about Panama than you need to know, though Deep Dark Secrets contain it not). The idea of tHD was a place to keep track of characters and things, but with my shift to the UK servers (With implied lack of other people to play with), I haven’t developed either of the characters very far into the plotlines I gave them. One day, when in the future there are robots, I will write Raynebow’s story, because it’s fun.

So I did the Interactive on friday, and charactered the Adventure on saturday and there were green people and white people and shiny, shiny costumes and swords and staves and beer and undead and nightmares and magic and mercenaries and peanuts and newspapers and stories of demons and jam and Kender and elves and warriors and mud and money and cider and…

…and buses home. Why did I move from Cambridge again? Oh yeah, work. I nave a new reason to learn to drive. And it’s not a vital, work-type reason, so I might just do it.

Resolution two: Get a hobby that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a computer. Complete. Next?

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