“Fallout New Vegas is coming out soon. I should finish playing with Fallout 3 before I spend money I haven’t got on it. And I’ve already got it downloaded in Steam!”

Start Fallout: 1

Fallout crashes.

Disable second monitor.

Start Fallout: 2

“Where are my saves? Oh, yes. I have to sign in to Games For Windows Live to get at them. Ho hum.”

Live Login: 1

“Remember my username and password”.
“You must apply this Games For Windows update.”… Okay…

… update starts in background, needs input, game still showing static progress bar. Awesome UI, guys.

Update: 1
Start Fallout: 3
Live Login: 2

… “Remember username and password”
“You must apply this Games For Windows update.”… But I… Okay…

Update: 2
Start Fallout: 4
Live Login: 3

“This saved game relies on content from DLC pack ‘Operation Anchorage’ which isn’t installed”

… right, install it, then.

“Download it again?”

Yes, again.

“In order to download and manage DLC, you need to install the Games For Windows desktop client”

… you’re kidding?

Exit fallout
Download gfwlivesetup
install gfwlivesetup…
start the desktop client

Live Login: 4

Find Fallout in the GFW catalog.
Find the DLC
Download it.
Install it

Start Fallout: 4

Am immediately shot and killed by the reason I’d abandoned this save game last year.

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