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“Fallout New Vegas is coming out soon. I should finish playing with Fallout 3 before I spend money I haven’t got on it. And I’ve already got it downloaded in Steam!”

Start Fallout: 1

Fallout crashes.

Disable second monitor.

Start Fallout: 2

“Where are my saves? Oh, yes. I have to sign in to Games For Windows Live to get at them. Ho hum.”

Live Login: 1

“Remember my username and password”.
“You must apply this Games For Windows update.”… Okay…

… update starts in background, needs input, game still showing static progress bar. Awesome UI, guys.

Update: 1
Start Fallout: 3
Live Login: 2

… “Remember username and password”
“You must apply this Games For Windows update.”… But I… Okay…

Update: 2
Start Fallout: 4
Live Login: 3

“This saved game relies on content from DLC pack ‘Operation Anchorage’ which isn’t installed”

… right, install it, then.

“Download it again?”

Yes, again.

“In order to download and manage DLC, you need to install the Games For Windows desktop client”

… you’re kidding?

Exit fallout
Download gfwlivesetup
install gfwlivesetup…
start the desktop client

Live Login: 4

Find Fallout in the GFW catalog.
Find the DLC
Download it.
Install it

Start Fallout: 4

Am immediately shot and killed by the reason I’d abandoned this save game last year.

Whine on my blog.

  1. I am sort-of protected from this, for now at least, by

    (a) I should finish playing Fallout 3 before I pay for New Vegas
    (b) Ah. I should *start* playing Fallout 3 before I finish playing it.
    (c) I should finish playing The Witcher’s DLC-style extra stuff before I start Fallout 3.

    By the time I get to New Vegas, the price should have dropped. And by the sound of it, maybe some issues patched…

  2. Well, that would explain the “Aq is on line” messages repeatedly through Zombieland. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine that you can’t turn those buggers *off* on the 360.

  3. Simon: Fallout3 was one of the launch-titles for GFW Next Generation. If you get the DLC on Steam, or as part of the GOTY edition, you will have none of these issues (You may have the first couple, as you still need to be signed in to GFW to get the achiemements, though you can abandon all the updates by having the GFW desktop client installed *first*, which you can get from Microsoft

    rho: Yes

    Kian: Central (X) button, Make sure you’re logged in, far-left blade(Options), Notification Options, uncheck “Show During Videos”.

    (This is a gamertag level setting, not a universal one)

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