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The office has no kettle.

Two floors above the office is a kitchen, which will give me free “tea” or hot water, and in the office is a sachet-based “coffee” delivery system which does not deliver hot water on its own. In order to solve this “No Tea” problem, and it is a problem, I have invested in something that could be classed as a mistake.

Freeze dried instant tea.

It looks like a lighter version of instant coffee.

The world, however, is conspiring against me getting any. I have cunningly cut the bottom from a hot-chocolate sachet to trick the machine into giving me hot water, in time to discover that the device has no water. In refilling the coffee machine, the cooler ran out of water. Then the coffee machine refused to boil the water I gave it. Eventually, I had hot water.

Freeze dried instant tea

It’s cooled down a bit now, and I’m not sure how to describe exactly how it tastes. Hmm.

You know when if you leave a cup of generic teabag tea for a little while too long, it starts to generate a kind of earthy taste in the back of your mouth, sort of reminding you of the legends of teabags being made out of the floor sweepings of places where they cut real tea? It tastes like that. All like that. Distiled and coating the back of your throat like a week in the desert.

Time for plan C, then. I suspect plan C involves giving in and switching to coffee while I’m at work. Who needs sleep patterns anyway?

  1. I don’t understand – why not trick the coffee machine into giving you hot water and make real tea with it?

    (Also, two floors doesn’t sound too bad if you make a pot each time!)

  2. Decaff coffee would work. I’m caffeine-sensitive myself (can tolerate a small amount, but I get as much as I can cope with in the limited quantity of chocolate I eat), so I’ve been drinking decaff for years. I can’t taste the difference, but I can certainly feel it!

  3. Jason: It’s not boiling, so it’s not going to be right, but it’s going to be righter than the freeze-dried instant tea.

  4. Bring a water boiler to work, take water from somewhere (toilet if nothing else is available), bring tea. Boil water in boiler, combine with brought tea and have a nice cup?

    Or wouldn’t that work?

    (I have a colleague at work that does the same only with his own coffee and a percolator due to not being able to stand the taste of the machine coffee…)

  5. Hehehe, you know how I solved that one? Water. I did exactly the same as yourself, I cut out the bottom of an old sachet, but it just wasn’t right. Dan bought some “Raspberry Spark” tea for me, but it’s a bit… Meh.

  6. Yeah, soooo, why not take a kettle to work?

    I can guess it probably tastes as good as using coffee mate instead of fresh milk, like I have to here…Though I have to say the tea you sent me has made up for that in spades.

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