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Today, I visited the Job Centre.

Although I have the interview on Thursday, and should really be spending most of my time bringing my Active Directory skillz up to scratch, I’m obliged to visit the Job Centre a couple of times a week to see if they have anything new. I can do this online, but I wanted the exercise.

The touch-screen terminal asked me a number of difficult questions (“What industry”, “Do you have a car”) before giving me both of the possible jobs on offer this week for a l33t Web Developer with sysadmin skills.

I could either work in Scotland (Which is, apparently, within 10 miles of Letchworth or London) as a VB Programmer.

Or I could work as an assistant for a marital aids mail order catalogue.

Somewhere in here is a lesson about meta-data, and it only being as good as whoever types the document in, but to be honest, I can’t be bothered.

So I’m baking a fruit cake, before I become one.

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