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Good.lySo, my first new project for Skimbit has launched in the form of Good.ly, which is a URL shortening service (and what a great time to launch one) with a twist. The twist being that clicking on a link to a product (Pretty much any product sold by any website with any kind of affiliate program) gets money for a charity, or possibly several.

I’m not really willing to get too far into the arguments that “URL Shortening services kill the Internet”, although I maintain they’re not (obviously), and that there is a difference between the requirements for archived and “permanent” articles like some blog entries and the more ephemeral stuff that floats around a group of friends for a while before never being clicked on again, which is how I treat shorturl services (Obviously, these are my opinions and not those of anyone I currently or have ever worked for). Into this latter category I place Twitter and such, anyone mining twitter for non-realtime stuff is possibly missing the point.

But Good.ly’s up, and I’m pretty pleased with it in the end. Yes, it’s blue. Well, it’s blue during the daytime. Maybe you should try later…

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