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Merry Birthday, Happy New President, Seasons 2009ings. Etc.

One of my resolutions was to get this updated more, which is slowly failing. Mostly because at some point in the last year I broke Epistula’s admin interface (It was a choice between “Breaking Edit” and “Continuing to do an extra ~100 queries per post”) and haven’t fully mended it yet. The only thing stopping me shifting the entire site over to WordPress or something is losing threaded comments, which I still like. Anyway.

As of early this year, I now work for Doof as a web dev (Where my username is Aquarionics) mostly building something new, but also updating Twoof, the version of the site that a) isn’t entirely flash, and b) enables you to play against your Twitter friends instead of your Doof ones.

As a side effect of this I’m developing in CodeIgniter, which is new and therefore interesting. Having moved from the modified Zend Framework structure we used at Trutap to CI, there’s a clear difference in tone. CI’s slightly more clearly documented, with less of a tendancy to assume people should read the code to know the interfaces, and has less of an objects-within-objects-passed-to-objects fetish. CI, on the other hand, avoids this by having magic global functions that aren’t easily traceable. I’m sure as I learn more of how the internals of CI work I’ll bend it further to my will.

So yes. Still Alive (it is a triumph).

And Aquarionics is 9. Big one next year.

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