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I spend an awful lot of my time listening to music.

Over the last year, Clare introduced me to a band called “Flipron”, who I like a great deal, and much later in the year was shown the wonders of Duke Special by the wonderfully titled pessimistic orange, otherwise it’s been a year of occasional brief obsessions with different bands over different months.

The ever-wonderful LastGraph has once again shuffled my last.fm data into a pretty form to demonstrate my poor music taste:

(Any RSS reader with any sense will strip this out)

Or you can view it as: [ SVG | PDF | HUGE PNG | Smaller PNG ]

But that’s artists, really. I’ve put some of the tracks of the year that I’ve loved (not necessary ones released this year, mostly ones I’ve played over and over again) onto this spotify playlist. If you can’t use spotify (If you need an invite, shout in the comments), that contains:

  • Fish, Mr Scruff
  • Everyday I love you less and less, Kaiser Chiefs
  • Better, Regina Spektor
  • Once In A Lifetime, Talking Heads
  • Army – Live, Ben Folds
  • Oh My God, Lily Allen (yeah, sorry)
  • Oh My God, Kaiser Chiefs
  • Valerie (“Version” Version), Amy Winehouse
  • Thou Shalt Always Kill, Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip
  • Detachable Penis, King Missile
  • Rockin’ The Suburbs, Ben Folds
  • Happy Together, Leningrad Cowboys & The Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble.
  • Fidelity Live, Regina Spektor
  • You Don’t Know Me, Ben Folds & Regina Spector
  • Short People, The Kings Singers
  • Tobacco Road, The Nashville Teens
  • Our Love Goes Deeper Than This, Duke Special & Neil Hannon
  • Last Night I Nearly Died, Duke Special
  • Jiggery Pokery, The Duckworth Lewis Method
  • Cerebus Is As Cerebus Does, Flipron
  • Big & Clever, Flipron

If you do want to pimp stuff at me, add it here, or append it to this open spotify playlist.

Hurrah, my daily update maintained with 28 minutes to run!

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  1. ‘Fish – Mr Scruff’, good choice. Try the ‘Whalefish Song’ too on ‘Keep it Unreal’, pretty weird but quite good.

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