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It’s Monday 1st October 2007, I am 115 messages behind my inbox, 923 posts behind Google Reader, and I’ve had a fun weekend.

For the weekend I went south to see parents & siblings, as Ben is heading of to Thailand for a while, so we had a Family Outing. Then Ben and I went drinking.

Sunday I slinked off home, via a wander around London. I went up to The O2 to see if anything interesting was on, and the cinema was doing an advanced showing of Ratatouille, which otherwise doesn’t come out in the UK until the 12th.

It’s good. It’s not drop-dead amazing, but it’s a good Pixar movie, with good Pixar animation and well-made Pixar characters around a slightly scruffy plot. And I saw it in The O2, which is what we’re meant to call the Millennium Dome now it doesn’t suck. Greenwich’s great white elephant has been transformed into a monument to the more time-wasting end of consumerism, from the massive concert hall in the center to the generic chain restaurants lurking around the outside, the whole thing is a sanitized version of a generic high street. I ended up seeing the movie in Screen 11, which is apparently the largest cinema screen in the country, holds seven hundred people and is generally Quite Big, and the screen is amazing.

Annoyingly, the sound is not quite so amazing, as they apparently have some kind of fault which was broadcasting an pre-echo of the main soundtrack somewhere to the bottom left front of the hall, about half a second out of sync with the main feature. It was one of those things that was annoying, then I could ignore it after a while, then it bounced back into my conscious again.

I’d recommend you go see the movie, though. It’s fun. Especially, as ever, for the Short that preceeds it. You can find Lifted on youtube somewhere, I suspect, but I’d say don’t because it needs the audio quality.

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