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  1. As Ben pointed out in the comments, a false DMCA accusation is actually perjury, and the EFF who do stirling work in this field have pounced on people for doing just that. They deserved to be mentioned in the article itself, really.
  2. On a not-entirely-unrelated note, the SFWA ePiracy Committee has been disbanded for – as an LJ Commentator said – attempting to measure once, cut badly and lie about it repeatedly.
  3. They also apologised, for which they deserve credit.
  4. London Underground, however, may rot in hell for all eternity. Firstly for their online Oyster system being sufficiently detached from their normal network not to recognise when a card has been deactivated and allow people to buy season tickets on it (The ticket was replaced and deactivated three months ago). But mostly for today’s strike which took down almost every tube line from 17:30 onwards. May their hair turn into marmalade.
  1. Where the fucks my fucking train?
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