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It is half past three in the morning. Insomnia sucks.

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This post does not contain any major spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, though comments might.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Harry Potter books. I read the first one 7 years ago (OW OW OW SEVEN YEARS OF ARCHIVES OW OW OW) and was impressed. Slightly, reading back now, overly so. The books are very, very easy to read, a testament to both Rowling’s writing and the fact they are kids books are are meant to be, although successively less “kids books” as they go on. Each time one is released I end up finishing it within 24 hours of starting it (This time being no exception, mostly because I had plenty of reading time today.

Like the last few, it’s a bit bulky. I do like the year per book format, but it doesn’t lend itself to snappy books, really. I’m not entirely convinced it’s in as desperate need of editing as Prince was, but it’s still a bit long. She did do the thing I didn’t think she could, which was fit the tying up of all the loose ends into one book, even if some of it was a bit stretched. She also didn’t back out of the thing I thought she’d back out of, and redemption is always nice.

The big problem I have right now is that I now own one Harry Potter book.

See, up until now I’d borrowed my parents (First few), or waited for House mate/Girlfriend to buy it (Next few), but this time neither worked out, so I have a copy of the last HP book, and No Others. Either I keep it, and my nagging obsessive-compulsive whines at the back of my head. Or I buy the rest and never read them. Or I break with the habit of a lifetime and Give Away a book, which is so far against the natural order of things that bubble-sorts across the country would break in sympathy.

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