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“That didn’t take long, did it?”

“Probably not. What didn’t, who are you, why?”

“The ‘Daily Update’ thing, Guilt complex, lack of better ideas”

“Oh. Right. Failing to update yesterday I can explain.”

“Go ahead”



“Someone lent me Zelda:Twilight Princess for Wii.”

“And you got distracted by it?”

“For many hours, yes. A lot of the time I spent fishing.”


“One of the things you do in the game, and have to do, in fact, is fish (In order to catch the cat to please the shop owner to sell you the slingshot. This is having thrown the hawk at the monkey to get the cradle to give to the mother to get the fishing stick”



“That’s… pretty complex”

“Yeah, but it does actually make sense in context. I’m crap at the fishing. I spent ages absolutely failing to do it, and getting more and more bored of the entire concept. Then I found a guide online which told me what to do, after which it became easier.

After I finished that quest sequence I was going to put it down, but then the plot kicked off – somewhat spectacularly – and instead of putting it down I continued for a little while longer.”

“Little while?”

“Three or so hours. Since I have a leaving party to go to tonight, there’s a high chance I’m not going to be able to continue until Thursday, which actually annoys me.”

“Computer game addiction is neither good nor healthy”

“But better than cigarettes and alcohol”

“Cigarettes at least have a slimming effect, apparently. Also, you’re skipping out on the computer game to go drink alcohol, I point out.”

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