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Okay, another day, another failed update. I spent most of Thursday slightly hung-over, after a number of things beginning with Bs, among them Bavarian Beer, Becks, Bagels and… er… Oh, Birthdays.

We – that is Hotxt – wandered out to celebrate the birthday and forthcoming absence of Calum pplparty Brannan. I discovered the wonder that is a Stein (‘It comes in liters! I’m getting one.” or, in the end, three. Or so. I kind of lost count.) They kicked us out of the Bavarian Beer House when it closed, and we kind of meandered around london a bit, failing to get into a club because one of us was underage, reaching an astounding number of bars just as they closed, and eventually getting into a club somewhere probably near Oxford Square (…I worked out later, at the time I had no idea), drank a couple of bottles of Becks. By this point there were four of us, two went to go dance, and James – who I was with – decided he wanted Bagels. So we went.

Bagel shop, Taxi ride, Nightbus, Home. 3am.

Which is why I staggered into work yesterday morning (Almost on time, FCVO on time) with twenty bagels purchased last night and dumped in my fridge so I could bring them in.

Other people come home from nights on the lash with traffic cones, sign posts, members of the appropriate (or not) sex.

Me? Bagels.

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