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  1. Not dead, just busy.
  2. V For Vendetta is a good film
  3. The civil rights movement can now be split into two factions. Those who make hackneyed and repetitive references to 1984, and those who instead refer to V For Vendetta.
  4. I like this
  5. People are complicated
  6. I need to find a new job before the end of January
  7. I also liked watching “Nightwatch”
  8. Though having a film in russian, with subtitles, have a couple of minutes of subtitles as ”[SPEAKS RUSSIAN]” verges on the unhelpful.
  9. Though knowing – while the main character being stabbed – that he was saying “Ah” was helpful.
  10. I’m glad I had more than the subtitles, though, or I might have thought he was having a nice cup of tea and a sit down.
  11. The thing I liked above? This one’s good too
  12. Lack of money sucks.
  13. I have crumpets and mince pies. Life is good.
  14. …nope, nothing more to say. Time to go back to NWN2.
  1. I said busy. I didn’t say it was with anything worthwhile
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