Dark Light

Crossposted to LJ. Brackets are the person who got it first. You will *not* get all of these.

  1. I’m filthy, I’m hungry, I’m fed up to the teeth. I’m very revolutionary – I haven’t washed in weeks.
  2. Hens love roosters Everyone Loves Ned Flanders, The Simpsons (Rory)
  3. You walk the thinnest of the ice, so easy to hurt
  4. I found my locker and I found my classes.
  5. There’s no song for the singer, No words for the tune
  6. If you had one chance, one opportunity Lose yourself – Eminemememememe. (Stephen)
  7. Well it’s one AM, and I’m out of gas. Last chance pump ‘for home already passed.
  8. She pushes though the bushes, she’s the apple of my eye Lorraine a’ Malena & Neil Gaiman- Just Me and Eve (Ruthikins)
  9. All the ducks are swimming in the water. Lemon Jelly – Nice Weather for Ducks (Little Miss Corinne) (And lots of other people)
  10. A man walks down the street, he says why am I soft in the middle now? Call Me Al, Paul Simon (Little Miss Random)
  11. It is a far, far better thing that I do now than I have ever done, before. Divine Comedy, Charge. (Little Miss Random)
  12. He was an accident waiting to happen. Most accidents happen at home. Warren Zevon, Porcilin Monkey. (Adrian O)
  13. If you want to open your hole
  14. My disco girl likes the disco sound. My disco girl likes the disco sound. Space – Disco Dolly (atreic)
  15. If you’ve got a problem with your pet, take it along.
  16. Oh, I remember you said can I fight and breathe, So now I always, always hold my breath you see
  17. I was looking though the cemetrary late last night when I saw a ghost who was out of sight
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