Archive: June 2005

For various reasons, none of which I’m going to explain here. The MP3 of the whatever. Eddie from Ohio, covering Bob Dylan’s Don’t think twice

Gates redlines Israeli researchers’ "sarcasm meter" (For some obscure reason I can’t post to Aquarionics, but and flickr can. Expect less text for a little while…) blink, google, microsoft

All Your Base Rhapsody For great justice. allyourbase, blink, flash, humour

Christopher Brookmyre: The Rules Of Playground Football I’ve played this blink, football, humour, sport

I spent yesterday (Saturday) wandering around London trying to find the Apple Shop so I could get them to replace the exploding power adaptor. For some reason, I was absolutly convinced it was on Tottenham Court Road, instead of Regent

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This is a tragady. It may also be funny. One of the reasons it took me quite so long to buy a laptop was because I don’t trust them. I trust, to some extent, every machine on this network, because

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It’s been an interesting week. For starters, LoneCat went on a diet. Now, for those of you who haven’t met my housemate, she is thin in a way that I could starve myself for a decade and never be. She

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the very model of a modern labour minister : a tribute to charles clarke and his id cards Warnink: Contains polticos in spandex blink, flash, humour, id-cards, politics Saved from being sued by Sony by… Metallica. beatles, blink, comedy,

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Corporate Gibberish Generator The metrics for development are more well-understood if they are not long-term. blink, bullshit, corperate, humour thoughts for less-experienced Fringe performers: a rant we are not slime moulds blink, theatre