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18:15 – Get home from work to find COH sitting on the Kitchen counter. If I’d known it was here, I’d have skipped out of work early…

18:30 – Having convinced my computer that the second hard drive really is a formatted disk, manage to install COH. Really, really wish developers would stop playing music during installs, or at the very least let me turn it off, as it clashes with the Divine Comedy something chronic. Launch game.

So, it looks like Crypic Studios have been busy, over 200mb of updates. Woo, yay. Cook dinner while waiting.

19:15 – That was quick (updates that is) launch game. Am asked for Username and Password. Since I already have a PlayNC account from the CoH forums, type that in.
“Incorrect Username/Password”
And again.
Try with alternate password.
Log in to website sucessfully, and realise that “Incorrect Username/Password” really means “You haven’t registered this game yet”. Register game.
Give site credit card details for free month (sigh).
Am told to await registration email
Go to eat dinner.

19:53 – Still waiting.

19:55 – Tried to login with the details, and it worked.

22:27 – I return. For three hours, I was playing City of Heroes as “The Raynebow”. Raynebow is… From his description:

After a terrible accident invoving a Magic wand and a box of Crayola, Trent Rayne’s life changed forever. Now he defends Paragon City as… The Raynebow!

Spending my time currently wandering though the missions, fighting muggers (and getting killed, annoyingly, when I’m overrun) and hitting people with a whacking great sword made of ice. Leaping small buildings in a single bound! Watching the flying superheroes above me, and patiently waiting my turn! Fighting for truth! Justice! and the next level up!

I think I’m going to enjoy playing this game rather a lot…

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