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I’ve expanded my empire.

For a year, the empire of Greater Developerdom within the realm of BrowserAngel has been cruelly banished to the dark corner of the room where the network switch is. Given that the development team has halved (ie, it’s now me) the time had come to strike forth into the world and reclaim as much space as I can!

Delicate hints prevailed, and we discussed moving the office around a bit. My personal preference for stealing another desk so I could have a wall of monitors between me and the rest of the office was nixed, on the basis it would leave me fenced off from the rest of the office. Bah.

Eventually we decided upon the current layout, giving me two desks, two monitors on each, three computers, and with me on a spinny-chair between them, multitasking between four different keyboards at once.

geeks out

Now to try and get LDAP auth. working…

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