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Since three people have now commented that they didn’t realise the image in the previous entry was clickable, how would you make an image “obviously” clickable?

The HTML standard, the thick blue border, looks ugly as sin, so it looks like manipulation of the Thumbnail is the best option. Previously I’ve recoloured it, or added a little magnifying glass to the corner. It works mostly with screen shots, mostly because the abbreviated format more or less guarantees that a larger version is available. The problem is that thumbnails are more or less useless for anything more than a general idea of the picture as a whole, which is why I like to use the cropped version. Problem is, the cropped version doesn’t contain the must-clicky nature in the same way the thumbnail does.

It’s an interesting thing.

On a related note, I’m playing with Gallery, which seems to work far better than my homebrew system and therefore might just replace it, if I can get the formatting a little better, and can make it integrate nicely. It already integrates with *nuke and geeklog, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

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